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Is Jon Jones worth the money he is asking?

MMA fighter pay is way behind boxing pay. We all know this. Boxing has been around for centuries while cage fighting is very new Recently, Jon Jones stood up to the scariest heavyweight in the world right now, Francis Ngannou…. Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #13 – (UFC 247 predictions, general MMA talk, Kobe, Academy Awards talk with Jordan Oliver)

In this episode, I sit down with Jordan Oliver and we talk about UFC 247, the best ┬áMMA heavyweights of all time and other MMA topics (14:20), the death of Kobe(30:06), and the Academy Awards (37:12). Please visit my website… Continue Reading →

Holy Shit, UFC 239 delivered.

NOW THAT WAS A FIGHT CARD. UFC 239 lived up to the hype. The main card was off the hook with three spectacular knockouts. The main card started off with the legend Diego Sanchez taking on Michael Chiesa. Chiesa dominated… Continue Reading →

UFC 239 main card predictions

UFC 239 is going down this Saturday, July 6th, 2019. Besides UFC 236 which happened this year in April, this is one of the best pay-per-view cards of the year. Here are some of my predictions for the main card…. Continue Reading →

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