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UFC 249 Fighter Yorgan De Castro Interview

UFC 249 is only a week away. After seven weeks without a UFC event and more than five events canceled, the biggest fight promotion returns on May 9 in Jacksonville, Florida. Kicking off the pay-per-view will be Yorgan De Castro…. Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #17 – Robert Butler III (childhood, USC, Time Stamp, First Cut, Favorite Movies, & More.)

In this episode, I Zoom with Robert Butler III, we talk about his childhood (0:52), his time at USC (3:40), his movie Time Stamp(16:10), his Youtube channel First Cut and his podcast (26:24), his favorite things(30:05), movie choices (43:31) and… Continue Reading →

Time Stamp Director Robert Butler III Interview

  Robert Butler III is an up and coming director. He also runs a Youtube channel with Andres Cabrera, named First Cut. Butler grew up in Compton, California all of his life. While in high school he was pursuing engineering,… Continue Reading →

Humanizing Athletes: UFC Fighter Josh Emmett’s favorite things

UFC Fighter Josh Emmett (15-2) MMA fighters are savages. They are the best athletes on the planet earth, however, they are also human and enjoy things just like you and me. Josh Emmett has always been a dark horse contender… Continue Reading →

MMA On Point Co-Owner Jason Hartley Interview

There are not many MMA YouTube channels making quality content. Most of the videos you will find are interviews with fighters or videos of actual fights that have to be cropped so they won’t be taken down. One Youtube channel… Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #6 – Rudy Ayala (Spearhead pest control, bed bugs, rats, becoming an army medic, insane on the job stories and more.)

In episode six of Alexplainlater, Rudy Ayala, owner of Spearhead Pest Control, talks about his career in pest control, becoming an army medic (14:55), bed bugs, ants, rats, crazy on the job stories such as a hoarder (47:42) and more…. Continue Reading →

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