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Muffin, I Miss You

Muffin, it’s been four days since you died. I thought it would get a little easier by now, but it hasn’t. I am still broken. I’m numb. Every time I think of you, I tear up. Every time I drive… Continue Reading →

Eight questions that ‘Euphoria’ season two will hopefully answer

It has been just about two weeks since Euphoria had its season one finale and I still feel empty without it. Euphoria was by far my favorite show of the year so far and I could not get enough. The… Continue Reading →

Video games that deserve to be made into television shows.

There has never been a great video game movie and that is a damn shame. Sure, there has been a few fun movies over the years. The original Mortal Kombat from 1995 is a cheesy classic. Detective Pikachu and Tomb… Continue Reading →

Here goes nothing

Hello, My name is Alex. For many years I struggled on what I wanted to do. I worked a lot of jobs and I was floundering. I gave up on school because I could not pass algebra. I was at… Continue Reading →

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