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Alexplainlater #15 – UFC 248 predictions with Jordan Oliver

In this episode of Alexplainlater, I sit down with Jordan Oliver. We analyze and predict UFC 248, talk about Wilder vs. Fury(16:21), and Zion vs. Lebron(22:55). Oh and Jordan gives a wild prediction of Tony Ferguson, Conor McGregor, and Khabib(25:50)…. Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #14 – Ryan Brooks (Military, his career, Eternal Sunshine, X-Men into the MCU, Top 5 rappers, Wilder vs. Fury predictions, NBA talk & more.

In this episode of Alexplainlater, I sit down with Ryan Brooks. We talk about his time in the military(2:46), his career(13:30), his favorite movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind(18:55), how he thinks the X-Men will join the MCU(20:50), his… Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #13 – (UFC 247 predictions, general MMA talk, Kobe, Academy Awards talk with Jordan Oliver)

In this episode, I sit down with Jordan Oliver and we talk about UFC 247, the best ┬áMMA heavyweights of all time and other MMA topics (14:20), the death of Kobe(30:06), and the Academy Awards (37:12). Please visit my website… Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #12 – Jordan Oliver (Hollywood Higgins, becoming a pro wrestler, screenwriting, UFC 246, MMA Talk & more.)

In Episode 12, Jordan O. talks about becoming a pro wrestler, creating Hollywood Higgins, being a screenwriter, UFC 246 predictions, MMA talk, and much more. Enjoy. Follow me on twitter @stutterflyohmy.

Alexplainlater #11 – Steve P. (running drugs through the 70s-80s, stash houses, quaaludes, addiction, cartel, being set up, close calls, cocaine, & more.)

In episode 11 of Alexplainlater, I sit down with my friend Steve and we talk about: running drugs through the 70s-80s, stash houses(20:21), quaaludes(6:04), being threatened to get an ear cut off (21:00), addiction, cartel, being set up, close calls,… Continue Reading →

Alexplainlater #10 – Top 10 movies of 2019 with Jennifer T.

In episode 10, I sit down with my girlfriend Jennifer T., and we talk about our top ten movies of 2019. To read my written list, please go to Follow us on Twitter @stutterflyohmy and @MamaAandMore Enjoy.

Alexplainlater # 9 – Rob C. (Scientology experience, getting raided, 1st Coachella, Burning Man, punk music, and more.)

In episode nine of Alexplainlater, I sit down with my friend Rob. We talk about his journey into scientology at a young age, his love for punk music, his addiction, being raided, first Coachella, burning man, and much more. Enjoy!

Alexplainlater #8 – Phillip Clinton (geography professor, traveling to 173 countries, teaching style, best places to travel and more.

Phillip Clinton, a geography professor at Ventura College, talks about traveling to 173 countries, his love for geography, his teaching style, his favorite places to travel to, and more. Enjoy!

Alexplainlater #7 – Michael Walker (alternative & depth psychology, soul & dream work, trauma, healing and more.)

Michael Walker, an alternative psychologist, talks about his trauma from his childhood and how he healed himself. We also talk about depth psychology, soul work, dream work, and more. Enjoy! For more information or to contact,  please visit

Alexplainlater #6 – Rudy Ayala (Spearhead pest control, bed bugs, rats, becoming an army medic, insane on the job stories and more.)

In episode six of Alexplainlater, Rudy Ayala, owner of Spearhead Pest Control, talks about his career in pest control, becoming an army medic (14:55), bed bugs, ants, rats, crazy on the job stories such as a hoarder (47:42) and more…. Continue Reading →

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